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If you have a digital camera (or a computer), you need a Digimate III.

Recognising the need for a portable easy to use, cost effective solution for Image & Data back up & storage, the Digimate III was designed to meet the Digital Photographer’s need to back up their images “On  The Go” without the need for a computer.
This small hand held device, backs up in 3 simple steps.

Data loss is endemic and catastrophic especially for your irreplaceable images.

The Digimate III with its 320GB capacity is a dual role device, not only backing up your images on the go, but doubling as storage for all your other important data & documents.

The included software bundled, lets you completely backup all your emails, including your precious contact list.

Digimate III costs $525, but your photos and data are priceless. Back them up where ever you are with a Digimate III to ensure you will have them to enjoy in the future.

Our Digimate is configured & checked in NZ, ensuring you trouble free ownership. We also have internet & phone support.




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